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Propagating Jack-in-the-Pulpit

Very Good Average Fair Poor. Your message. Anti-bot validation. MAREee 29 Apr , Overall, I dont know if my comment is going to get deleted but here is my review, from 30 seeds only 5 were phenotype that smells like "orange bud " only real phenotype if u ask me Yield is very very good! I mean it over avrage Ioannis 17 Jan , Fletch 05 Sep , This strain is proof that extremely potent herb has been around for a long time.

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The plants are large and productive. The spicy peppered taste is unmatched. The high is instant, intense, and long-lasting. Jack Herer is the benchmark. Write a review. Franco's Fullgas! Related products.

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The seed pod is equally fascinating to watch and is only produced on mature plants. A large cluster of bright green berries formed as the flower was waning. Come fall, the berries turned bright red.

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Now is the time to harvest the seeds. With Jack-in-the-Pulpit perennials being quite costly, it is well worth trying your hand at propagation of the numerous seeds available in the seed pods. Cut off the whole red seed pod. The gloves are needed to protect your hands from the staining flesh and from the calcium oxalate contained in the flesh which is a skin irritant.

Using a fine mesh sieve, wash the pulp away from the seeds.

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Each berry will yield seeds. These seeds should not be dried and need to be planted immediately after harvesting them or stored in a moist medium. A plant may require years before it matures enough to flower but will produce foliage the first year. This means the seeds need to go through a chilling period. This can be simulated in a refrigerator by storing the seeds in moist sand or sphagnum moss in a sealed plastic baggie. After the chilling period, they can be started indoor then transferred to a moist partial shade location in the garden.

I am trying both methods of propagation from seeds and will report back later on my success. The first year I have read the seed may produce a single leaf. Cold storage of some of my seeds also called stratification.

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Jack-in-the-Pulpit No. Propagation can also be done from a division of the corms, also in the fall. Cut off any smaller corms growing from the main corm and replant. I may attempt this method when my plants are more mature. The plants are slow growing and have only so far 2 years produced only leaves, no flowers or seed pods. Gardening takes patience!

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