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M Vente toujours croissante. L'Abonnement part de toutes les dates. Personne ne de man de la parole? Boissier, buraliste. A La Mothe Achard, chez M. A Saint-Mathurin, chez M. Romand, buraliste. A Nieul-le-Dolent. A Talmont, chez M Hauret, buraliste. A Longoville, chez M Broustra, buraliste. J'en signalai vainement quelques-unes. Aux Mout iers You, buraliste.

A Angles, chez, M. Au Champ -St- Pire, chez M. Martineau, buraliste. A La Tranche, chez M Maindroo, buraliste.

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Les situations nou- velles exigent d'ailleurs de s hom- mes nouveaux. Tg te moques de nous! Fiche donc le camp d'ici! Du calme! Et moi je te dis que tu vas sortir d'ici tout de suite Va-t-en 1 je te chasse! A Falleron, chez M. Guyard, buraliste. A Croix- de -Vie, chez M.

Pivoin, libraire. A La Roche. Mabire, libraire. A Sainte-Hermine, chez M. Yes, this was the time with the most murders. They started in and continued until , until the Susurluk event. Especially in those four years, there were many murders. I personally witnessed around 30 operations during that time.

But there are hundreds of operations and murders during that time that I did not take part in or witness.

la guerre d'Algérie ,LE BASTION 18 : au-delà de la souffrance physique en FULL HD

Our group carried out around 30 to And then there were the ones that the Diyarbakir team did under the command of Zahit Engin. They all did. I will tell you an interesting story. Then he was taken in the direction of Silvan, and he was left on a piece of land, with a bullet in his head. He walked to Batman and went to hospital. He then reported what had happened. We are coming. Why would a commander tell you this?

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He was accusing the ones carrying out the first execution of having botched the job. The guy went to the city and to hospital. We went again and completed the job. I witnessed the first execution. They took him behind a heap of earth and killed him at night. I did not see who killed him.

Why was he killed? She saw them at a military hospital. The young man was undergoing his medical examination prior to starting his military service and had come with his ncle. Serpil told me that we should call the commander and tell him. We called him. How were they killed? The uncle had no connections, but we also took him so that he could not report anything. No, he gave the command. Sometimes when there was questioning with torture, the commander stayed in the room, sometimes he went to his own room and had a drink.

These murders were always carried out at night, and torture was carried out after work hours in the evening, when the regular soldiers had gone back to their ward. They were not supposed to hear the sound from the torture. Depending on the job, four to five people. How and by how many people were the victims strangled? With a strangling wire or a cable, sometimes a strong TV cable. Either two or three people strangled them. Torture lasted one or two nights.

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They were not killed immediately. So that they would not die without making a statement, they were given a slice of bread. The young man who was killed with his uncle, had he not left the PKK?

For example, there was a young university student called Servet Aslan. He had a girlfriend called Fatma from Mersin. There was no accusation made about the girl, she was not involved. Following a statement by civil servant informant Serpil, these two university students were taken in after being found walking hand-in-hand in Diyarbakir city.

The young man had never gone to the mountains, and he had his girlfriend with him. What does that mean? They were in love and they were leading a normal life. But although the young man cried and said he was not with the PKK… They were also killed? The young couple were taken in the direction of Sivas. They were killed and thrown at the roadside. They were questioned and tortured for two days before.

Where is the informant Serpil Toprak now? She was transferred to Erzurum, where she continued as a civil servant and also completed her nursing education which she had interrupted before. JITEM organised her college registration.

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We heard that she married a lecturer there. When you took people outside of the city to kill them, did you put them in the boot of the car? Sometimes we took them in the backseat, between two members of staff. Sometimes we took them covered in a coat, as if they were ill.

How far out of the city did you go to kill them? His body was burnt so that no one would identify him. When they left, Cahit Aydin and his deputy Nurettin Ata took their places. I worked with him the longest. Normally each commander stayed two years, but he stayed three, four years. What did the others do?

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We saw and heard about this. People were screaming in the cells and later disappeared. There was a waste container behind the building. This interview was published in Taraf newspaper on 27 January The headline was changed by bianet. A l'occasion de la publication d'un rapport sur le sujet, Amnesty International vous propose de faire le point sur la situation des personnes LGBT en Turquie dans le cadre du festival du film Gay et Lesbien. The chapter on Turkey evaluates the attempt to close the ruling Justice and Development Party AKP , arguing that the political crisis has led to a stalling of human rights reforms.

According to the organisation, there has been a rise in torture and maltreatment in the past year. It added that despite the worsening of the human rights situation, rights activists and journalists are not giving up their opposition, thus facing prosecution. Ergenekon trial an opportunity Speaking of the Ergenekon trial which started on 20 October , the organisation said: "While there are doubts that the criminal justice system is sufficiently empowered or independent to deal effectively with the case, it provides an unprecedented opportunity for Turkey to confront the negative role in political life played by elements of the military and the state.