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Snow White leads Prince Charming through the woods to where she sold the jewels, and he notices her holding a necklace. She tells him not to worry about it, but he snatches it away. He realizes that it is filled with dust, and she explains that it contains fairy dust that can transform an adversary into a harmless form. Prince Charming figures that she plans to use it on the Evil Queen and points out that Snow White has a lot of anger. The thief explains that the charges against her are false and that she only lived because the Queen sent the Huntsman to rip out her heart, but he took pity on her and let her go.

Snow White tells Prince Charming that she only wants to get enough money to leave for another realm, and she thought the coach belonged to the Queen. They come to a stream, and Snow White asks for a drink. When Prince Charming agrees, they drink and she shoves him into the water and runs off. While the sheriff goes ahead, Mary Margaret asks Emma how she became a bail bondsman.

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Emma replies that she has been doing it as long as she can remember. When Mary Margaret pushes the issue and asks about her parents, Emma says that she never did find her parents. Henry sneaks away from his mother and comes to find them. He tells Mary Margaret that John Doe is looking for her. He takes on the second knight, while the third one snatches up Snow White and rides away. Prince Charming grabs an arrow and manages to shoot the knight, killing him, and Snow White rides back.

She points out that he saved her, and Prince Charming says that it was the honorable thing to do. He reminds her that they need to get the jewels, and Snow White says that the troll group she sold them to are just over the next rise. Mary Margaret does not believe Henry, who insists that she needs to stop and let John Doe catch up to her. Emma tells him to go home, but as Henry argues, Graham calls them over. He has found John Doe's patient tag with blood on it. The trolls climb up over the edge to surround them, and Snow White tries to negotiate for the ring.

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They suspect it is a setup and attack, and the lead troll has his men search Prince Charming. They find Snow White's necklace and toss it to the ground, and then find the poster for Snow White and realize who she is. Prince Charming grabs his sword and drives them back, and Snow White grabs her necklace and runs.

However, the trolls grab Prince Charming and prepare to kill him. Snow White returns and uses the fairy dust to transform the trolls into insects, saving the prince, but using all of the dust. He thanks her, to which she retorts with his words, that it was the honorable thing to do. They continue on with the jewels.


By following the trail to the old toll bridge , the group finds John Doe lying in the stream. They pull him out, and Mary Margaret begs him to come back to them, and to her.

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She administers CPR, and he finally revives. Looking up, he says that she saved him, while an astonished Emma looks on. John Doe admits that he does not know who he is, and Mary Margaret tells him that he will be okay. They take him to the hospital, and Dr.

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Whale works on him. A woman runs in, calling the patient "David", and Dr.

Whale ushers her back. Regina arrives to confirm that the woman is Kathryn Nolan , the man's wife. Prince Charming gives Snow White the gold back, and she gives him the ring. He comments that it is not her style, and she tries it on.

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He stares at her for a moment, and then Snow White agrees that it is not her style and hands it back. Prince Charming offers her the rest of the jewels, but she says that she has what she needs. He wishes her well, and says that if she needs anything They say their goodbyes and go their separate ways. Snow White turns and looks back, hesitating for a moment, and then continuing on. Kathryn comes over to Mary Margaret, Emma, and Henry in the hospital, thanking them for their help.

She explains that she and her husband had been having marital problems, so she had told him that, if he did not want to be married to her, he should leave. She had assumed that he left town and did not know that he had been injured.

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Now Kathryn has a second chance, to say she is sorry. Whale tells everyone present that David is physically okay, but he has no memory of his past life. Dr Whale suggests that David's first instinct was to find something familiar, and Henry says he was looking for someone. As Kathryn goes to her husband, Henry goes to get his backpack. He whispers to Mary Margaret that David had been going to the bridge to look for her, and that they belonged together. As Regina leaves with Henry, Emma catches up to her and points out that Kathryn's story sounds fake.

She points out how convenient it is that Regina just now found Kathryn, and Regina says that after Emma went over the tapes, they checked past tapes and found out that David mentioned Kathryn's name in his sleep from time to time. The mayor tells Emma that true love won out and, that thanks to Emma and Mary Margaret, the couple will now be together forever. Regina says that not having someone is the worst curse imaginable and leaves.

Mary Margaret watches as Kathryn and David embrace. He looks up at her and seems to recognize her, while Mary Margaret looks at the ring that she is wearing. Later, Mary Margaret is at home when Emma arrives at her doorstep and says she wants to take her up on her offer of a spare room.

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They leave and Graham calls for backup. Emma wants Mary Margaret to stay behind, but she disagrees and wants to go with them. Mary Margaret feels it is her fault that David woke up and ran off. She threatens to go off on her own. After hearing that, Emma agrees to let her come. Title The title card features a troll.

Mary Margaret 's statement to Emma , "I'm a teacher, not a nun", refers to the fact that, in the original script, Mary Margaret was a nun. Jennifer Morrison then taught her how they did it on the latter's old television series House because CPR is more dramatic on-screen. The story also takes place between " Lacey " and the end of " Skin Deep ", where Belle is banished from Rumplestiltskin 's castle.

The scene of the pair in the carriage , as well as Snow White preparing to attack it, is also further explored in that episode. How Snow White became a bandit, is explained in " Heartless ". This episode shows Snow White and Prince Charming's first meeting. Their storied relationship is explored throughout much of the series , notably in " Pilot ", " A. The counterpart of the mysterious Dr.

Whale is revealed in " The Doctor ". The first time it happened was in " Awake ", but neither of them remember it due to both of them drinking a memory potion. Mary Margaret asks Emma how she fell into this job. The origin of this story is explained in " Firebird ". Some of this episode's scenes are reused in " Snow Drifts " and " There's No Place Like Home ", which center around Emma and Hook 's accidental interference in the past with Snow White and Prince Charming's first meeting and efforts to set the timeline back on the right path.

The title of "Snow Drifts" is a reference to this episode's title. How Prince Charming fights with some Black Knights , even though he has just become a prince from a shepherd, is explained in " White Out ".